Christmas Pairings: Smart Screens and Gadget Gifts

Like mince pies and brandy butter or a snowy evening sat by a roaring log fire – some things just go hand in hand at Christmas. So, for that reason we take a look at the top tech gadgets this season we think our Smart Screens would make a perfect pairing with…

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

It seems these days that phone design is coming around full circle again, re-introducing the folding function that once seemed so novel during the noughties thanks to the Motorola RAZR and Nokia 2720. This latest iteration of the flip phone has taken everything we love – large screen size, crystal clear display and ergonomic product design – and heightened our excitement by combining it all into a pocket-sized wonder.

When folded up, this mobile and our Smart Screen pouches will fit perfectly together to ensure greasy finger marks are a thing of the past! 

Oculus QUEST 2

If you weren’t lucky enough to get your hands on the highly sought-after Oculus QUEST 2 last Christmas, then perhaps this is your year instead! This virtual reality headset is not just for gaming but for transporting you into hundreds of different experiences – from front row seats at your favourite concert, glacier-top fitness workouts or you can challenge friends from around the globe to compete in gaming championships, it has it all!

Team it with our pristine Polar White Smart Screen to ensure that your headset’s internal screen remains sparkling for your virtual social experiences.

Bose Frames

The team at Bose, renowned for exceptional audio quality and pushing technological boundaries to the next level, has not fallen short of customer expectations when it comes to their latest offering. Bose Frames effortlessly teams Bluetooth headphones and stylish sunglasses, thanks to speakers built into the fashionable frames that allow you to enjoy crystal-clear audio whilst being virtually inaudible to passers-by.

Team a pair of these slick sunnies complete with UVA/UVB protection, with our Slate Grey Smart Screen to ensure the lenses remain as clean as the day you take them out of the box!

Amazfit GTS 3

This smart watch has leapt onto the market at the end of 2021 to assist with making smart health decisions, all possible thanks to its 24hr health management system that monitors blood-oxygen levels, heart rate, stress levels and sleep patterns. Not only that, the watch boasts over 150 recognised built-in sport modes as well as Alexa capabilities, that last for up to 12 days before needing to recharge. Most importantly in our minds though, this watch stood out in particular thanks to its whopping 1.75-inch display which is 14% larger than the previous generation, plus a 72.4% screen to body ratio that’s among the higher in the smart watch industry.

Our Smart Screens will ensure no matter what you exercise you are doing whilst wearing this watch, this tick tock will remain tip top!

Razor Kishi Mobile Controller

With our smaller handheld devices increasingly taking the place of larger consoles, we love this product bridging the gap between our phones and complete gaming systems. This Razor Kishi transforms any mobile thanks to its universal fit into a small gaming device, to be enjoyed whilst travelling, on a work lunch break or simply relaxing at your friends’ houses! 

If you’re passing the phone around large groups of people to compete in a Mario Kart Championship, or going head-to-head in Call of Duty Mobile, add a Smart Screen to your list of vital gaming accessories to keep both the phone and controller clean of any germs!

Peloton Bike Plus

Definitely a main present rather than a gift, but this Peloton Bike + celebrates and champions fitness in a whole new way, thanks to its 360° rotating, HD 23.8-inch screen – the largest screen offering to customers yet!

If you’re going for virtual Olympic Golds then why not team this up with our limited-edition Gold Cloth to celebrate your achievements in sparkling style!