Clean Phones Inside and Out

Clean Phones Inside and Out

This month we are going to share with you the Smart Screen team’s favourite apps. We’ll be looking at OS and Android, so do let us know on social via if you use any of the apps we mention (or would like to advise us of your favourites!) 

What are the best apps for my phone?

This month, our focus is on cleaning apps. We’re going to be bringing you some of the best apps that are available on the market. You know that apps are great for entertainment, but what are cleaning apps, you may ask? Well, cleaning apps scan your phone and are a great alternative to a manual clear out. Manually clearing out your device can take up hours of your time and cause untold frustration. 

If you want to declutter your device, cleaning apps are invaluable. Whether you have a large email inbox, hundreds of duplicate or unwanted photos or simply random redundant files, cleaning apps can sort them all out and take care of your caches and cookies, too.

If your device is running slowly, then it’s probably time for a freshen up.

(Just a reminder that we don’t endorse any of the apps listed here, and we aren’t affiliated with them. We’re just sharing some with you in case they may be of benefit.)


We’ve linked the apps for OS below, but as with all the apps mentioned here, make your ultimate decision based on your own research as well as our advice. Only download apps to your device that you trust.

iMyFone Umate

Say goodbye to temporary files, your cookies and cache with this simple app. You can also delete contacts, messages, photos and videos without having to worry about them being recovered. 


Lots of features make up this cleaning utility. You can find and remove caches and old files, as well as clear internet traces and activity. It can get rid of the junk on your phone that you didn’t even know was there and better still, it supports multiple languages. Offers a Quick Clean option to find and remove caches, large and old files.

Gemini Photos

As you may have guessed, this app is photo-focused. Easy to use, Gemini scans your library and can spot blurry pictures that are taking up space. The app designers understand that speed is what you value most when trying to declutter a bloated library, and it certainly delivers.

Cleaner Pro

If your contact list is a mess, how can you network or contact people effectively? You can’t, so Cleaner Pro tackles the inconvenience of duplicate details. The people you know don’t take up lots of space in your phone, but they can make your address book pointless if you can’t find who you need to contact. You can easily merge or delete what it finds. 


Similar to dating apps, Cinder is unique in its design. If you class purging your contact list as fun, then you’ll love this app. Swipe left or right as they appear and you can quickly get rid of who you don’t need - it is a fun alternative to manually deleting the contacts you no longer want in your phone.


On your phone, use the Play Store app and find our recommendations below: 

Norton Clean. 

If you want a simple app that’s modern and quick to use, then this is the app for you. Boasting just two features, you can delete apps or run a file cleaner so you won’t be overwhelmed by tech you don’t need. 

Go Speed. 

It does what it says on the tin. If you want a faster phone, Go Speed will clean background processes that you might otherwise be unaware of. It can take care of auto-start-up apps and check memory in real-time. It’s clever in that it can tell the difference between vital apps that have been pre-installed, the apps you use and love and stuff you downloaded and forgot about. 

Droid Optimiser. 

Great for newbies and experts alike, this is an app that’s really popular with the android community and for good reason. Filled with plenty of features that won’t overwhelm you, you can set up thorough automated cleans (say goodbye to cache, background apps and redundant files) and take advantage of stats shown to you on screen. 

SD Maid. 

A great name for an app that cleans, SD Maid really will tidy up your phone. From finding and erasing redundant files to optimising databases, you can get the job done and even instruct it to do a mass app removal. 

AVG Cleaner. 

AVG has analytics that can help you understand why your phone is behaving the way it is. These analytics help you decide whether to keep or delete, and you can also use the app as a way to purge sub-par photos, manage files and boost your memory. The automatic cleaning settings are great as is the option to hibernate apps.

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