Luxury Accessories for Post-COVID Travel

Luxury Accessories for Post-COVID Travel

We have steam coming off our keyboards as we excitedly type about even a hint of having a holiday this year, booking an international flight or filling a luggage bag until it’s bursting at the seams!

As the governments’ roadmap fills us with encouragement that we may return to a sense of normality this summer, we’ve picked our favourite luxury travel accessories we think are the perfect travelling companions for our Smart Screens…

Silk Face Mask

Pair your Slate Grey Smart Screen with this gorgeous Mulberry silk face mask, naturally hypoallergenic making it ideal for prolonged wear. The material is soft on your skin and won’t leave you with face marks, redness irritation so is perfect should you need to adorn it for a long-haul flight.

Noise Cancelling Ear Phones

A wireless revelation in the tech world, these white wonders from Bose will block out exterior noise from chatty passengers or roaring engines so all you need to focus on is your favourite holiday playlist, comedy podcast or unwinding sounds to help you drift off on an overnight sleeper train.


Unisex Hydrating Face Cream

Available in both a 20ml and 50ml tube, this unisex hydrating cream is perfectly sized to take as part of your hand luggage adhering to airport liquid rules, combatting any dry skin issues often caused by aircon on planes, trains and automobiles!

Black Out Eye Mask

After you have finished scrolling, put your phone down and need a little time away from the bright fluorescent lights our phones emit, make sure this Deluxe Deep Sleep Delta Mask is packed in your hand luggage to be sure you can enjoy some shut-eye ahead of jam-packed schedule of adventure.

Gold Link Sunglasses Ties

Along with our Saffron Yellow Smart Screen pouch, these gold-plated link chains to keep your trusty sunnies safe will add a further pop of golden glamour to any traveling outfit for men and women alike.

Moleskine Notepad

Put pen to paper in this Moleskine diary that matches our Powder Blue pouch to perfection. Take the opportunity to journal throughout your travels so you can look back in years to come reminisce about exploring new countries, pushing your cultural boundaries and making memories with loved ones.

Panama Leather Passport Cover

This Bellroy beauty in a similar shade to our Navy Blue Smart Screen, is the next generation of travel wallets on the market. Sharing our ethos in using premium materials, this passport cover has been designed with practicality, style and class in mind.

Universal Travel Adapter Kit

This little gem goes hand in hand with your phone and Smart Screen combination – it’s the ultimate power couple you need in your hand luggage to charge up your travel plans! You’ll never need to worry about your battery dying on the road again before you’ve had the chance to FaceTime home to family, capture that all-important waterfall selfie or beach Boomerang!

Take a look at the full collection of Smart Screens available and start tailoring your travel look today!