New Year, New Mobile Resolutions…

As the annual flurry of setting new resolutions sets in, many of us will commit to a renewed enthusiasm for a 6am gym routine, whilst swapping the leftover party foods for a fridge filled with healthy fruit and veg once again. How long it will last is another matter, but for now the dedication is there!

However, this January we look at how we can help ourselves progress into 2022 feeling better about the relationship we have with our phones. For some they are simply a useful tool at times of need, but for others it tips into an unhealthy addiction to screen time which may need to be addressed. Here are our team’s tips on striking the perfect digital balance:

Focus on You

Utilise the ‘Focus Mode’ button on your home screen dropdown to help you channel your attention most efficiently whilst working, or to help you switch off from the constant demand of being ‘on’ all the time. This function is designed to help you avoid distractions and keep your focus on track. Whilst this mode is live, all apps will be blocked, except for any that you actively choose to allow. It also allows you to choose different set-up options, selecting from ‘Work Time’ or ‘Me Time’.

Noisy Notifications

If switching off from the world using the ‘Focus Mode’ isn’t practical for your lifestyle, there are still feasible alternatives to allow you to take control of your digital wellbeing. Identify which apps on your phone send through the highest number of distracting notifications and manually disable them. In ‘Settings’, choose the ones that are least relevant for you to take note of, or do not require an immediate response. When a colleague from three jobs ago posts a Facebook story for the first time, does that really require an online reaction straight away? Do you need a notification that a marketing email has jumped into your already-full inbox of 1,943 unread junk emails, our guess is no…

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow…

With more people now adopting a new working style in a post COVID-environment, many of us will now have just the one mobile phone for both personal and professional use. Don’t be afraid on your annual leave, whether for a long weekend or two-week summer retreat, to delete all the work-related apps from your device. This will really give you the opportunity to have some valuable time switching off from a demanding and fast-paced walk of life, even if just for a little while…

Harness the FOMO

Only a small fraction of notifications are ones that we REALLY can’t ignore, ones that require our immediate attention to act on straight away. Train yourself to understand that most of what happens in the digital sphere is probably not urgent; therefore, try and prioritise what makes you happy first and only respond to other people’s social media expectations once your digital wellbeing has been attended.

Clean Inside and Out

Once you have effectively ‘detoxed’ the inner workings of your phone to ensure it is best serving you and enhancing, rather than detracting and distracting from your daily routine, there is one last step left. Finish this off with flourish – ensure your phone is just as externally clean as the newly-refreshed apps by removing up to 99% of bacteria from your handset by using one of our revolutionary Smart Screen cloths.

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