Show Your Love This Valentines (with your Smartphone)!

Forget scented candles, garage-bought bouquets… letting that special someone use your portable battery pack when your own phone is running low…now that is a REAL demonstration of true love.

Studies have shown that increased use on smartphones can have a negative impact on relationships; with constant interruptions thanks to notifications, these interferences with interpersonal interactions can impact how connected we feel with our loved ones.

 As Valentine’s Day approaches, our team has compiled a list of little signs that show you really care!

Keep an eye on battery life

You’re on a weekend away: checking your tube route on Google Maps, sussing out restaurant reviews on TripAdvisor and booking tickets for the hottest West End show online…very quickly your phone can be on 15% battery before you know it. Clock when your partner’s phone juice is dwindling and offer to split the phone usage so nobody is left with a dead device.

Let it go to voicemail

Do not underestimate the power of what is NOT said. If you have a busy work life that has the tendency to tip into weekends or forces you to take lots of calls after traditional work-hours, this can take a toll on partners (even if they don’t mention it.) Try and dial down the number of calls you take during personal time, actively investing that time in finding out something new about your loved one.

Social Shares

With an ever-increasing number of social media channels all encouraging us to share pictures of ourselves, why not take the opportunity to use the platforms in another way? This Valentine’s, whether single or in a relationship, use your Insta or Snapshots to give a shoutout to your loved ones or closest friends! Sing the praises of other people and give them a boost – tell them what you admire, love or respect about them! 

Dance To Their Tune

Why not change your ringtone to something personalised for when that special someone gives you a call? Most couples have a song that immediately takes them back to a happy memory, whether that be a first date, wedding dance, song playing on the radio when a baby was born… It’s a subtle way to show your sentimentality!

Leave your phone alone

You only have to look at your screen time reports to know much staring at our screens eats into our day and evening routines. So, why not when you are sitting down to dinner with your partner ensure that, even if it’s just for the duration of mealtimes, your mobile devices are set aside so you can give each other your undivided attention.

Smart Screen Cleans

We hoover our houses before we host people, we clean our vehicles before car-sharing, so why not extend the same courtesy to others when sharing our phones? Next time you lend your phone to someone who needs it the most, ensure your device gets the same sparkling treatment with a Smart Screen wipe down before handing it over to your nearest and dearest.

Lockcode Lovers

Nothing says to a partner that they have earned your trust more than getting the number code or pattern password to your phone. We like to think of it as the modern-day equivalent of giving a spare key  to your place– just think how much of your life you carry around with you all saved within one device!

To share the love this Valentine’s Day, head to the store to pick your phone’s gift today!