The Phone Destroyers...

Here at Smart Screen, we’re all about looking after your devices. We don’t condone trashing your tech (it’s why we make our antibacterial microfiber cloth, after all) but when creators online are brave enough to do it for you, there’s no harm in watching the ingenious ways they destroy expensive gear. We like to think of it as educational - they’re letting you know what not to do, and it’s a great way to have some insight into what goes into making your favourite devices!

A Blender

Will it blend? That is the question. With 740,000+ views and 867,000 subscribers Blendtec’s channel has a cult following and in this video they blend the iPhone X. Spoiler; there’s something both upsetting and fascinating about watching expensive tech get trashed.


A Hydraulic Press

With 2.3 million subscribers and more than 940,000 views, The Crusher is a channel that is true to its name. You really do get what it says on the tin! Watch a hydraulic press go head to head with a Samsung Galaxy S9 - it really is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment.

A Shredder

Experiment At Home deserves the 15+ million views on this video. His 4.78 million subscribers love watching tech and other items get shredded. The question is, will you? Watch various iPhone models get wrecked and you’ll never look at a shredder in the same way again.


A Great Height

Many people suffer from acrophobia, and we’re sure after this video so too will every device in the world (here’s hoping A.I doesn’t develop that far!). TechRax clocked up more than 26 million views for their video which saw them drop a Samsung Galaxy Fold, iPhone 11 Pro Max and Nokia 3310 20 storeys. Which one fared best? See what their 7.21 million subscribers love about them ruining tech. They also dropped an iPhone X down a 4000 foot hole, but don’t watch this one if you get motion sickness or have vertigo.


Hold your most-used device close and be thankful that you won’t be putting it in a blender, or dropping it from great height! If you want to make sure that your device has the very best treatment, be on the look out for an upcoming blog about cases soon.

There are many ways to accidentally destroy your phone at home - and it can be as simple as repeatedly wiping the screen with products that aren’t meant to be used. You don’t have to worry about that with Smart Screen. If you want to keep your phone clean without using damaging chemicals or liquids, then pick up your Smart Screen here for just £9.95.