Which Screen Cleaner on The Market is Right For You?

The Apple cleaning cloth was surrounded by consumer hype ahead of its recent release, subsequently met by a less than favourable media aftermath after competitors Samsung gave their own cloth away free for a week.

In light of this, we take a look at the vital factors it’s important to consider when choosing which phone cleaner to snap up!

Cleaning Capabilities

Consider which items in your personal possession you are purchasing a cloth to clean – is it your household tech, glasses, your mobile phone or perhaps all items in one go? Next identify what is causing those items to be dirty – dust and grime or oily fingerprints? Whilst most microfibre cleaning cloths that are provided with glasses for example are purely for the removal of finger marks off the lenses, the Smart Screen offers an additional level of cleaning compared to its competitors. The Smart Screen has a ‘Blue Shield’ silver ion antibacterial agent that is worked into the material’s weave to ensure that 99% of bugs residing on your screens are killed.


The vast majority of microfibre cloths are produced at the thinner end of the scale, allowing manufacturers to cheaply create a high number of cloths for a lower cost. Smart Screen is proud to create its screen cleaners from a microfibre material boasting a much higher gram per metre weight, a conscious design choice that allows customers to enjoy a thicker cloth that’s therefore easier to handle. 


Most options on the market are supplied in packaging that’s thrown away on arrival leaving you with just the cloth alone, with nothing to help keep the cloth itself clean. However, the Smart Screen phone and screen cleaner comes in recyclable packaging, complete with a travel pouch designed to protect the cloth when it is popped in a handbag, luggage or suit pocket. The travel pouch even has a little popper to ensure that the cloth stays safe and connected to the pouch at all times!


Whilst there are phone cleaning cloths that are either provided as part of the cost of a phone or pair of glasses, the phrase “You get what you pay for” springs to mind. Smart Screen actively sets itself apart from the market as a high-end, premium product due to the material quality, travel pouch, antibacterial properties and additional travel pouch – adding far more value to the consumer than just the thin microfibre cloth on its own.

Customer Service

With customers becoming savvier regarding where money is spent and supporting local or start-up businesses over large corporate enterprises, Smart Screen offers a personal touch to customer service that has not gone unnoticed. Every single individual customer is massively appreciated and valuable to a start-up business and this is marked by Smart Screen with personal notes on each invoice, incredibly fast service plus free UK delivery for orders over two items. The Trustpilot reviews for Smart Screen speak for themselves, with every single one rated as 5*; commenting on speed of service, personal touches, ease of ordering the product online and variety of choice to suit those being gifted!

Consumer Choice

Unlike many of other providers of microfibre cloths, Smart Screen products have been designed to appeal to those who want not only a functional but eye-catching and stylish product to pop in their bags. As such, Smart Screen doesn’t just produce a cloth in one colour, but six to appeal to different tastes. There is even a Gold Edition with a glistening, gorgeous foil pattern for those more fashion-forward!

Visit the full collection of Smart Screen phone cleaning cloths here. Don’t forget you can enjoy 20% off orders of 2 or more items and free UK delivery!